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PolyComp, founded in 1999, is the leader on the Eastern European market for wholesale distribution of information and computer equipment. They chose Brand IQ as their digital partner with the goal of promoting specific big-brand campaigns, closely coordinated with the marketing teams of the manufacturers. Custom landing pages track the performance of the campaigns and serve as a gateway to retailers where products can be purchased.
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The challenge

The main challenge we had to overcome was the launch of PolyComp’s first digital campaign at the early peak of the COVID-19 pandemic. We had to anticipate consumer sentiment and their reaction to a brand promotion. In addition, at a technical level, PolyComp needed to track the performance on behalf of their partners. Our team had to adapt swiftly to the quickly evolving state of e-commerce while setting up reliable tracking for PolyComp and their partners.

Key results

We reached a large number of targeted users who ended up converting from PolyComp’s regional retail partners. Further, Brand IQ’s tracking solution provided quick and intuitive reporting capabilities to PolyComp and their partners.

The solution

What strategy did we choose?
We utilized high-impact rich media across programmatic channels with high viewability, confirmed with independent third-party tools. We targeted B2B audiences on open auctions, utilizing third-party audience segments along with contextual and keyword targeting. We enhanced the programmatic strategy with advertising on LinkedIn and search. Once users ended up on the landing pages, each user was referred to a number of retail partners of PolyComp and the conversion rate was measured for each partner.
How did we choose the right audiences?
Considering the characteristics of the advertised products, that were mostly high-end computers, we targeted carefully selected list of audiences with interest in technology and business. We managed to reach a significant number of potential customers in the first weeks of the campaign, which allowed the launch of a remarketing strategy for a large part of the users in the professional social network LinkedIn. Brand IQ utilized engaging creatives and experimented with multiple strategies in order to reach the target audience. In a very short period since the start of the campaign, our numerical data helped us double the CTR, effectively cutting the cost per click in half. Based on the data and capabilities of Brand IQ Analytics, PolyComp and their partners were able to receive full accountability of the campaign results in real time.
How did we approach social media?
The creatives we used on LinkedIn we geared toward business audiences. Experimenting with creative designs and different targeting strategies, we managed to achieve high user engagement with 11% higher session duration and 10% lower dropout rate compared to search traffic.

How did we choose the time range for the campaign?
In light of the state of emergency due to the pandemic, we carefully chose the day parting of the campaigns to reflect the habits of the target audience during COVID-19. We managed to achieve significant user interest and ROI for PolyComp and their partners.>
PolyComp, founded in 1999, is and the leader on the Eastern European market for wholesale distribution of information and computer equipment. PolyComp chose Brand IQ as its digital partner with the goal of promoting specific campaigns of their big brand suppliers.




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